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Blog post by Annette Pike · 3 August 2023

Secretarial Support – Part of the Small Business Solution

Changing up the office procedures and roles of your staff can open up a world of possibilities for your business.  Correspondence and document preparation are necessary tasks that often tie up the time of your staff who are better equipped for the more important things you need them to do.

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Blog post by Brendan Pike · 10 November 2021

Choosing a Transcription Service - 7 Best Tips

Deciding which transcription service is best for you can be difficult and confusing but it’s worth taking the time to find the right transcription service. We have many clients who over the years have changed roles, organisations and even sectors yet continue to use us, so a little time investment up front pays off well into the future.

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Blog post by Annette Pike · 26 October 2021

You are contributing to economic dignity!

Technology and online platforms have allowed people to connect, if not in body, at least in spirit. 

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Blog post by Annette Pike · 13 August 2020


The transcription industry is evolving and speech-to-text technology is improving all the time.  In some instances the result can be quite good - in some instances.

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Blog post by Brendan Pike · 24 March 2020


As the growing impacts of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) are being felt across the country and the world, businesses and organisations are no doubt reviewing their Risk Management Strategies to ensure that they are prepared to meet any demands.

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Blog post by Annette Pike · 19 December 2019

What Recorder Should I Use?

There’s one question we consistently get asked and that’s, “what recorder do you recommend?” The answer we always give is that you and your recording technique are far more crucial to the quality of the final transcript than the actual recording device.

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Blog post by Annette Pike · 27 August 2019

Enterprise Evolution - Contractor v Employee

Even though we're a little tired of talking about the ATO we feel we need to keep clients informed.  In March of this year we reported that the Australian Taxation Office had committed to close our audit case and confirm that we are compliant with a contractor model.  We were later surprised by the ATO’s intention to launch a second audit to investigate our business model all over again, and investigate contractors and clients. Needless to say, we were strident in our objection, to put it mildly.

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Blog post by Annette Pike · 15 March 2019

Clichés, Buzzwords and Hackneyed Phrases

I would like to think that I’m not alone in my reticence to use a cliché or flog an already tired out phrase.  Yet here I am trying to put together a sentence which adequately conveys the message that OutScribe is moving forward, looking ahead and planning for the future without using the phrases moving forward, looking ahead and planning for the future.  So, let’s just run with it and wring the last vestige of meaning out of them.

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Blog post by Annette Pike · 4 November 2018

Espresso - time and place?

The aroma, the perfect blend and barista expertise. You've managed to set up an interview time with that person who will propel your research forward.  Your questions have been finalised and you've checked your recorder and ensured it's fully charged.  All set?  Well nearly.  You need a central meeting location and you want to impress this important participant.  I get that.  But I can see that you're Googling for a CBD cafe that has good coffee reviews.  Take your hands off the keyboard and step back.  Trust me, you'll end up being very thankful you did.

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Blog post by Annette Pike · 19 April 2018

Transcriptionist Contractors

OutScribe enjoys good relationships with our clients and we’ve been providing transcription services to many of them for nigh on a decade.  Why do clients stick around?

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e-Steamed Clients

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    I love your website; very easy to use.

    Simon, Hepburn Wind

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    I like the client interface that you have available – nice and simple and easy to understand.

    Yvette, Happy Child

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    What a wonderful service, signing up was painless too! Just wanted to pass on how impressed I am with you, I will definitely be using your service again.

    Dimi, Foundation House

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    My gratitude for the transcript, it's very good, thanks so much! (also the process was surprisingly easy and a relief!)

    Maureen, University of Queensland

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    I have now been using OutScribe for four years and found the response of the OutScribe service extremely prompt and accommodating.  I would recommend the service to anyone who needs regular information typed.

    Mark, University of New South Wales

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    Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the wonderful service you offer. I would highly recommend your service to our organisational partners.

    Souzi, NFP Research

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    John and Zen, Empower Your English - EYE

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