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Remote Dictation Benefits for the Insurance Industry

Thursday 09 November 2017 |
Annette Pike
Insurance Assessors

Insurance assessors have a very important and responsible job. They are the professionals who inspect properties after damage has been sustained in a natural disasters such as bush fires, cyclones and floods, or another event capable of causing destruction. As such, adjustors play an important role in the manner that insurance claims are processed.

The notes and information that assessors gather pertaining to property damage are of paramount importance for determining the amount of the compensation. This information will have to be turned into a document quickly and accurately. Remote dictation is one of the opportunities that adjusters can rely on. The term refers to onsite creation of dictated reports that are transferred directly to a workspace (like the one made available by OutScribe).

Such remote dictation opportunities bring a wide array of benefits to the table. The following report will focus on some of the most important advantages.


Very often, it’s critical for adjusters to complete the task quickly. Let’s take a natural disaster scenario, for example. A flood or a hurricane will cause a lot of damage. Unless addressed quickly, the damage could contribute to further destruction and even costlier repairs in the future.

A natural disaster could also deprive a family of its primary residence. These individuals will have to pay for residence or they’ll need to stay with loved ones for a certain time period. The sooner the adjuster completes their job, the quicker the family can receive financial compensation for the claim.

An insurance adjuster will carry out a thorough property inspection to determine the amount that the insurance agency should pay for the damage. Their work is of paramount importance for the financial wellbeing of the insurance agency itself and for the satisfaction of the clients.

Adjusters can be incredibly booked at a time when a natural disaster strikes. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in the US and the Caribbean region are just two examples. Currently, insurance agencies in the US are swamped with claims and assessors are over-booked.

When such a situation occurs, onsite dictation can be life-saving for a busy professional. Such an opportunity allows for dictated reports to be uploaded directly to a remote workspace. The recording can be made via a smartphone, saving an assessor a lot of time and effort. This way, the professional can move on to another inspection without wasting any time.

A Much Higher Level of Accuracy

Through remote dictation, assessors are transferring all of the data that they’re collecting from the site itself. There will be no note taking that could potentially lead to errors down the road. A voice recording is all that it takes to make sure all of the essential data about the property is captured.

Accuracy is probably the most important aspect of an insurance adjuster’s job. A simple mistake pertaining to the scope of the property damage could lead to financial losses to the agency or a compensation that the clients will be dissatisfied with and will challenge.

Audio recordings are highly reliable. There’s no risk of a mistake like in the case of another person taking a look at the assessor’s notes and basing a report on those. A high level of accuracy reduces the number of disputes and contributes to quicker settlement of insurance claims. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Convenience for Assessors = A Chance to Focus on the Important Aspects of the Job

Depending on the situation, insurance adjusters could be operating in rather unfavourable conditions. They will need to see damaged properties, they will work in poor weather and there will be some risk of injuries. Nothing about the job of the adjuster is simple or convenient.

Creating an audio record during the inspection and transferring it to a workspace remotely gives this insurance professional a bit of convenience. By doing onsite dictation, an assessor can focus on the most important task at hand – carrying out an adequate property inspection.

Many professional fields have benefited from digital modernisation. The insurance field isn’t an exception. Opportunities like those provided by OutScribe make it easier to complete challenging tasks without worrying about technical details or the transfer of information.

Remote insurance dictation and transcription are incredibly valuable services, especially when it comes to the transmission of valuable information like the one gathered by assessors. Any adjuster knows how crucial both accuracy and speed are. The creation of a detailed report can’t be left to chance and every aspect of the execution will matter. By relying on remote dictation and transcription services, assessors can do a much better job and give the insurance company clients the outcome that they’re hoping for within a reasonable timeframe.


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