OutScribe & ScribeOut

We have been nurturing our baby for a couple of years and now it's time for it to fly the nest and head off for international adventures.  Our baby hasn't inherited our looks but we're confident that the inherited inner workings of our creation are secure and tickety-boo.  We have instilled the family values and beliefs so it's with teary eyes and proud hearts that we introduce ScribeOut.com to the world.

Launching ScribeOut.com

OutScribe has been providing an accurate transcription service for 15 years and one of our critical features is our attention to data security and the support of Australian transcription subcontractors. OutScribe does not offer 'cheap' rates because we cannot ask the Australian subcontractors to lower their rates as a flow-on effect. As a family business integrity is a primary consideration for us.

We have been planning a second company to offer clients a cheaper transcription option for a couple of years and we have now launched ScribeOut to offer clients an alternative. ScribeOut has contractors in countries that have comparable data security legislation and practices as Australia and we pay them fair rates as well.  When we see some of our competitors' ultra-cheap rates, we know that it's the typists who are shouldering that cost burden.

If at times you have need for a cheaper service but naturally require a quality transcript, and yet want to support an Australian business, ScribeOut will fit the bill.  

If the horrific COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it's that this planet really is a small and interconnected global community!

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