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This is not a motto you should use when it comes to recording interviews. You've managed to set up an interview time with that person who will propel your research forward.  Your questions have been finalised and you've checked your recorder and ensured it's fully charged.  All set?  Well nearly.  You need a central meeting location and you want to impress this important participant.  I get that.  But I can see that you're Googling for a CBD cafe that has good coffee reviews.  Take your hands off the keyboard and step back.  Trust me, you'll end up being very thankful you did.

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It’s time to deal with that elephant in the room – closed caption costs…

There’s no doubt that captions for video content, whether it’s for educational, corporate or media production purposes, are essential. The deaf and hearing impaired community deserve, and demand, accurate closed captions.

There’s also no doubt that having an experienced captioner complete those captions for you is far better than having a crack at it yourself, or even worse, letting Facebook or YouTube automatically provide them. Yikes!

Ideally we want those captioners to be Aussies who are contributing to our economy but to pay for that local expertise is unfortunately outside of your budget. We understand - truly. It’s tempting to send your videos to overseas companies so OutScribe now provides a budget option.

We utilise the services of professional captioners from a neighbouring country who consistently produce excellent work of 99% accuracy and pay them above average rates…it makes us cringe to see what some competitors pay overseas labour.

Turnaround Time

Per Video Minutes

24 hours


72 hours


7 days


* Surcharges may apply.

Give us a call and we’ll chat through your requirements and give you a quote.