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Given the current global circumstances the necessity of social-distancing and self-isolation is a primary method to slow the advance of COVID-19.  As challenging as this can be, there can be some unexpected benefits for those who need to conduct business from home.  Not the least, long commute times can now be swapped for a leisurely breakfast with the family.

Most CEOs and project managers will have brought out the business or project continuity plan to review the strategies that should now be implemented.  As daunting as it is at the moment, well planned and implemented strategies give staff and stakeholders confidence in the future.

OutScribe has a variety of services that can be tailor made to help you and your team meet the current challenges.  Give us a call and we’ll chat through what you need.

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Risk Management Strategies

As the growing impacts of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) are being felt across the country and the world, businesses and organisations are no doubt reviewing their Risk Management Strategies to ensure that they are prepared to meet any demands. OutScribe Transcription Services is well placed to support your organisation in its business continuity efforts and should be a key service partner considered when reviewing your Business Continuity Plans.

OutScribe has a well dispersed contractor base who work from home, are set up and ready to further support your organisation meet the demands of a diminished or stretched workforce. We can assist with transcribing dictation and notes of interviews, creating minutes of meetings from recordings and copy type your handwritten notes. We could even work with you to have minute takers join in teleconferences if that is what you need. If you have any requests for how OutScribe can assist your organisation through this challenging period then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Academic Qualitative Data Collection

Academic qualitative research projects have one common theme – people.  Interviews and focus groups involve people.  Corona virus targets people.  Society naturally needs to protect people, especially the vulnerable, and isolate for a period of time.

This challenge will hopefully be for a short period of time, yet there are deadlines and funding requirements to be met.  Big projects will have a Project Continuity Plan in place, which would have been dusted off and the strategies implemented. 


If you don’t have the benefit of planned strategies for the eventuality of a pandemic and the population being in isolation (not sure that would have been thrown onto the whiteboard during the risk management brainstorm!) then OutScribe can be part of your action plan to ensure your data collection can keep progressing.

Phone interviews, Skype, Zoom and teleconferences can all provide solutions.  Ensuring that the recordings are good enough to result in a quality transcript can also be a challenge but we are very happy to help you with some tips and solutions.  In the meantime you can check out a recent article that has some good points about recording technique.